Honoring the Temple:
The Art and Alchemy of TransformingYour Life!

"The conscious mind is the goal-setter.  The subconscious is the goal-getter!" -Matt James

Sometimes it can be hard to find direction, or to know exactly what we want or who we are, when we are faced with sudden change.  Divorce, graduation, and loss are a few examples of situations that can leave us feeling like we don't know ourselves.  On the other hand, we might have a spiritual awakening or discover a new passion or path, and recognize that without the suffocation of stale relationships or old patterns of behavior, we finally know ourselves.  Translating your new Self into your environment can be challenging, and this is where I can help!

Reading this now, are you ready to step into your new reality?  Into your power?  I can help you relieve the anxiety and welcome inspiration as you form a new lifestyle that is in harmony with your past, present and future.  The time is now.

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Are you going through a transition in your life?  Or have you recently gone through a life change?  Or are you seeking a change in direction?

"Dreams guide us and help us after we set goals and ideals for our lives" -Edgar Cayce